Trump, Clinton ... opens to politics!

Trump, Clinton ... opens to politics!

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Doll Stream - aims to launch his concept of "plush doll" in as many areas as possible, we are pleased to announce the creation of a politicians category. 

This category is inaugurated with the arrival of Poupuches with the effigy of major personalities of the history of the United States of America including the lastest president, Donald Trump.

Trump, top-selling in the USA !

Top-selling in the United States, the Poupluche with the effigy of the elected Republican candidate, is launched for a few weeks in France on the website With a size of approximately 25cm, and sold at a public price of 24.90€, this one is available in very limited quantities.

In addition to Trump, you can also find: 

- Ronald Regan, 40th US President (1981 - 1989) -> See the Poupluche.

- Hilary Clinton, First Lady (8 years) and unfortunate candidate of the 2016 Election -> See the Poupluche.

- Bill Clinton, 42nd US President (1993 - 2001) -> See the Poupluche.

- Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America -> See the Poupluche.

These Poupluches come join in our "Inspirational" category the now famous "Papluche", become in less than 2 years the most popular Poupluche in the world. 

Donald Trump 10'' Poupluche

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