The "Poupluches du Cœur"

The charity program of

The Poupluche, a charity concept.

Lucas Moura and his Poupluche

Since its launch in 2013, the Doll Steam company ( and its founders try to put in place some charity programs in order to give back and help some charity organizations.

For the launch of the first PSG plush-dolls, Doll Stream put in place an auction sale that helped to raise some money for the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation.

Relive the operation organized with the PSG players and the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation:

More Information about the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation.

After the success of Doll Stream's first charity auction sale with PSG, the decision was made to be more often involved in charity programs under the name "Poupluches du Cœur".

This charity program was inaugurated at the end of 2014 with the launch of the very first « Poupluches du Cœur » with the effigy of the ju-jitsu World Champion, Vincent Parisi. This is the first Poupluche 100% dedicated to a cause ; the entire 20 euros raised per sale, will be donated to Meghanora, an association that fights against kidney tumors in Child and Adolescent lives.

Vincent Parisi and his Poupluche - Poupluche du Cœur

More information about the Meghanora association.

For the last four years, Doll Stream ( has increased the number of "collectors poupluches" auctions sales that have raised funds for various causes and hopes to continue in this direction, particularly when launching new collections.

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