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Pour un monde doux

  • Athletesbargained: dehumanizes, creates an inflation of transfers 

  • clubsloss-making: almost all L1 and PL clubs are losing

  • Supporterspay a lot: average 786 euros / year for his club

  • Violencegrowing: 53% feel unsafe at the stadium

  • Amateurs, forgotten volunteers: image overshadows their values

  • Leveldown: teams/players + unstable and - collective

  • Families/dreams broken: 0.05% chance of being professional

  • Money audienceused: only 2 clubs have their own  stadium

  • Influencenegative: violence, infidelity, money roi 

RIRI STADIUM_edited_edited.png

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in an almost unique way” N.Mandela.

However, by commodifying people, professional sport has become violent. Amateur, supporter then agent  of players, from the inside, Côme our creator, saw this violence grow:


  To defend the collective values of sport with the mascots, he stopped a career as an agent and the soft toys of players. Prather than betting everything on the individual and making the human a commodity, we propose with the mascots to bet on the collective and gentleness. In 3 years, 40 professional clubs and federations have joined the collective: Fennecs Algériens, Canaris Nantais… 

A gentle revolution, because historically the mascots were devalued, proof with football: Footix became apejorative word, PSG with a  mascot lynched on arrival, OM who removed it. The mascots have been reduced to a commercial vision, while their magic is above all educational: 

  • Sweeteuropposed to violence 

  • collective emblemfederator

  • Entertainmenteye-catching

With mascots, Poupluche gently revolutionizes sport. 


  • Sacred mascot: story proving their sacred educational and collective role. 

  • Increased revenue: creates a merchandising universe that develops business without risk.

  • Reinforced brand: multiplies the emblem to strengthen identity and emotional bonds.

  • Valuable club: develops an asset of reliable value and ownership, unlike players.

  • Collective sport: crowning the mascots and their collective values to bring everything together

  • Sweet world: brings together the magic of mascots and stuffed animals for a collective movement. 

Your emblems are waiting for you in store, and the rest looks sweet with the association  mascot.lover 🫶 Write us on Instagram to have fun and make a sweet world for our children. 

Sport can crown mascots in society: 

  • School: emotional security, entertaining education

  • Community: represents the regions, the environment

  • Brand/Company: committed spokesperson, creates links, identifies

  • Geo.politics: gentle therefore non-violent, collective therefore democratic

Let's play together, for a gentle world.

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